for your baby and infant's hygiene and health care needs

NAHORE BABY is an Internationally recognised brand with a reputation for providing high quality hygiene and health care products, specifically designed for babies, infants and children. Whether it's bath time, nappy changing or simply requiring a delicate skin care cream, Nahore Baby has the ideal product for you.

Nahore Baby Bath Foam, Lip Balm for Children, Alcohol Free Eau de Toilette, Baby Skin Care Cream, Aftersun Spray, Shampoo Gel, Hygienic Baby Wipes, Sanitized Hand Gel and Baby Nasal Aspirator are just a few of the excellent products now available here in the UK and featured on our Product Page

About Us

NAHORE COSMETICS S.L. is a highly respected Spanish company founded in 1995, providing high quality products for the pharmaceutical industry and end-user customers, specializing in child care, body cosmetics, sports massage and general skin care, preserving health and well-being.

The NAHORE COSMETICS laboratory ensures that the final product, before going to market and the consumer, complies with all current legislation.

Once the product is manufactured under sanitary standards, the technical department perform sampling for laboratory quality control, making the necessary checks: organoleptic, physico-chemical, microbiological, etc., ensuring the quality of every product we make. Upon approval by our technical department the product is then eligible for sale.

Our laboratory has the latest technological advances that improve our work concerning the quality of the finished product. Collaborating laboratories are also endorsed by these processes.

NAHORE COSMETICS is a company whose core values ​​are obtained through high quality products.

Quality plays a key role in our production process, innovating and improving everyday. Performed by continuous tracking products through the traceability of batches, which allows us to always know where they are located.

NAHORE COSMETICS is also cosmetovigilance implementing a system that gives us an update on the status of our products in the market.

We maintain our commitment to the environment and use natural products, which are clearly the foundation of our success

Nahore Baby products are not tested on animals or contain Parabens